A good user experience (UX) on your website results in happier visitors, more leads, and boosts your conversion rates. 我们的博乐斗地主苹果版下载师和开发人员对许多设计原则都有充分的了解,这些原则结合在一起可以创造出良好的用户体验.

Research is an important part of any design and development project. 我们从用户的角度分析所有的设计元素,并考虑用户的需求, wants and expectations of your business and its customers.

With these understanding we create a website tailored to your business that is:

  • Easy for visitors to access
  • Easy to understand
  • Simple to navigate
  • Designed for conversion
  • Aesthetically pleasing

When your website has these qualities, 它将有更好的转换率,并使与您的业务互动,为您的访问者一个愉快的体验.

Minor details

Most consumers see a good user-experience as an important factor of their customer journey. They also say a seamless experience across all devices is very important. User experience revolves around usability, information architecture, visual design, navigation, mobile responsiveness, and other elements. It even involves “minor” details. For example, 你知道吗,选择一种特定的蓝色而不是其他颜色会给Bing带来8000万美元的年收入?

Why is UX so important?

People have short attention spans when it comes to deciding whether to explore a website. 你有大约8秒钟的时间来让网站访问者理解你的价值主张,并说服他们留在你的网站上. 由于互联网上可供用户浏览的内容越来越多,吸引用户的注意力变得越来越困难.

This makes it important to have a useful and easy to navigate website. Most users don’t have the patience to try to go through complex steps to get what they want. If it takes too much time or effort to discover how to navigate through your web site, chances are they are just going to leave.

Common usability issues

There are many usability issues that can prevent visitors from finding what they want online, which results in unhappy users, a high bounce rate, and lost revenue. Some of these include:

  • Asking users to do too much
  • Navigation that is confusing
  • Many technical errors
  • Non-responsive or unintuitive interfaces
  • Slow download times
  • Unclear calls to action

Overall, 用户应该能够通过清晰的路径直观地浏览你的站点,并且能够在不需要任何解释的情况下完成所有主要任务.

Keep visitors coming back

If your website is lacking in aesthetic, content, relevancy, or overall functionality, it will be difficult to keep visitors coming back. 博乐斗地主苹果版下载’s web design and development solutions can help give your site an overall boost. 如果我们为您开发一个网站,我们确保您的访问者将有一个伟大的用户体验.

If we are upgrading your site, we will optimize the UX. This two-step process of analysis and implementation looks at all the elements of your site. When we detect anything that would give site visitors a negative experience while browsing, we will implement solutions.

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By applying the best practices of UX to your website, 你会对博乐斗地主苹果版下载官方网站有更积极的反应,也会有更好的用户参与到你的服务或产品中. 让博乐斗地主苹果版下载和开发专业的博乐斗地主苹果版下载使您的业务成为一个用户友好的客户磁铁!

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